[Data]Ravnica allegiance mythic edition EV

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Took me awhile to decide if I really wanted to do it but, I see a misconception that mythic editons only have value with the guarenteed cards. However anyone who’s opened them/familiar with them knows it’s still 24 packs in addition to the guarenteed cards.

So I opened 21 Ravnica Allegiance Mythic editions to get the approximate EV of each box. All of these were purchased around $300 each. Scammed in all cards at NM (they’re pack fresh) and only did the mythic edition cards, rares and foils.

Tcg marketplace low: $7413.08 – EV $353 each Tcg marketplace-mid: $10100.67 – EV $480.985 Direct low: $8560.68 – EV $407.65 Market price: $8968.83 – EV $427.08

Note: This does not mean go crack open all your mythic editions, this is just to demonstrate a real opening of mythic editons because this/they aren’t going to be as common as booster boxes. EV for all mythic editions though should easily be calculated as: Cost of Mythic edition cards + booster box EV * 66% (24 packs/36 of a normal booster box)

Showing 21 mythic editions being unboxed/unwrapped, and the card list for hardcore data collectors. Attached pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/1Q0wisq

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