Are revisions to Competitive Play Depressing Card costs?

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Just curious if I’m being a little paranoid or if anyone has noticed this – it seems like with the future of high-level competitive play in a slightly uncertain place right now (at least insofar as sanctioned events with big prize payouts), that there’s been a bit of an overall dip in prices almost across the board. There are some exceptions (random spikes, old cards that are being bought for by collectors rather than with competitive play in mind) but I’ve been watching the prices of collections and whole sets on ebay and a lot of them seem to be trending down. Not by huge, amounts, but it’s certainly noticeable. It also seems like the overall volume of singles sales on ebay has dropped a bit.

Does anyone else think the current state of competitive play is impacting the financial side of things in a significant way? I don’t see many people talking about this at all so I’m curious if I’m just reading too much into things / overreacting a bit. If it *is* real, it creates an interesting situation – obviously if you expect prices to rebound, buying in when value has dropped and people are trying to jettison their collections is a great opportunity. But if Wizards decides that high-level organized play isn’t worth the effort of maintaining, it seems like there’s a pretty good chance that people who are speculating on standard / modern / vintage get left holding the bag.

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