Alter spam needs to chill

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It comes that time again where there is a post addressing the mass amounts of alter/art spam in this subreddit.

I don’t mind the odd one here or there but honestly this is meant to be the un-official- official sub right? It clogs up and suppresses actual information about changes to the game etc. and there is a dedicated sub for alters r/mtgaltered for this thing.

Obviously delete this if no one agrees with me mods xoxox

Edit:filtering is hard/impossible on mobile just so people are aware.

I’m subbed to the alter subreddit and go there a bunch. I’m also subbed to many other MTG subreddits. I don’t think spreading the community out into the niche groups is bad at all. Keeping this group as the official news and information one would benefit the flow of information to everyone.

People saying “what other content should there be then?” How about none. If there is nothing new here I just go to the more niche subreddits that I’m interested in, why do we have to just spam this one?

Thanks for the responses. Seems like the community is split and nothing will change. Oh well. Sorry for wasting your time x

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