Why can players rope every turn with no reduction in turn length?

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I played MTGA in the start of the beta, but recently came back in the last week to try the game out again.

Across every mode, ranked, normal and draft I consistently face players that “rope” aka use the entire turn length until the very last second before they actually use their cards.

They do this every turn, every phase, and even when I cast any spells or do anything they take the max time to do this.

The problem with all of this is not just that it’s a shitty thing to do, but that the game does not seem to keep track of this – so every turn it resets back to their normal, full turn length.

The only time this changes is if they actually let the timer run out, and even THEN it’s just for the next turn start – not for any resolves/other phases.

I’m not sure how after years of Hearthstone having a good AFK/Rope timer, MTGA has such a terrible implementation.

After at least a half dozen 30+ minute games of opponents doing this, I’m not really sure why i’m letting myself be held hostage in this game

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